Monday, 6 July 2009

Review: Laura Geller part 1

Okay, so i haven't really heard much about your thoughts on Laura Geller make up. maybe it's just old news... or maybe it's just not to popular i don't know, but i thought i would share my views with you on some of the products that i own.

Laura Geller has a baked range in her makeup line. this is basically that the baked products start their life are a liquid and are then baked to produce the finally product. I think the concept is the same as MAC MSFs. In many of the baked products, there is usually an array of colour which helps add dimension and allows each product to be more versatile. I'll review two of my favourite products out of the ones i own from the baked range in this post, and then the rest of them in a separate post.

Balance and Bronze in Medium - the version that i own is a 2 in 1 product, but they can be bought separately as Balance and Brighten (foundation) and Bronze and Brighten (Bronzer). In my opinion the foundation is okay as it provides medium coverage and has loads of different colours within it to help add colour and reduce redness etc. at the same time. (you will understand what i mean if you look at the picture). It does however leave a matte finish whereas i personally favour a dewy finish to the skin. The other half of the compact is the bronzer, which is amazing! i love it! It might actually be my favourite bronzer. It's the perfect brown with no orange in it which is what i like bronzers to be like. Unlike the foundation, the bronzer adds a dewy finish to the skin but doesn't last too long :(....

WARNING - because of the way the products are made, each compact is slightly different. This means that different amounts of each colour will appear in each compact. In my particular compact the bronzer had alot of dark brown, i liked this because the bronzer is buildable and easy to work with, however some people may have preferred to receive a compact with more subtler tones.

the foundation is on the left and the bronzer is on the right.

Blush and Brighten in Apricot Berry - so i must admit that when i first purchased this kit i found it really had to get along with this blush and so for a long time left it at the bottom of my makeup draw, untouched. When i was bored one day i reached for it and decided to have a play around and I'm so glad that i did! I actually discovered that it's the Laura Geller brushes that were the problem and not the product itself. I now use my Bare escentuals buki blush brush to apply this blusher which helps to leave a gorgeous glow to the skin and really adds dimension. A small amount goes a long way and as long as the brush used to apply the blush is right the effects are amazing.

i was wondering if the Laura Geller Blush and Brightens were in anyway similar to MAC Mineralized Skinfinishes... had anyone tried both? if so, are they similar? I'd love to know.

i will review the remaining items pictured above in a upcoming post if anyone wants to hear about them, but overall i would recommend the two products above as they have now become a staple in my makeup routine. BUT i think they take a bit of getting used to, so if you do ever try them just make sure you try then out for a while before you make your mind up :)



  1. I recently got Blush and Brighten in Pink Grapefruit and love it! It is not as shimmery as most MAC MSFs. The textures are similar.

  2. The products look lovely. Nice post x

  3. i have been a loyal buyer of Bourjois for years now, i only buy their make up. but im definitely going to give Laura Geller a try after this post :D
    thank you :D

  4. Oh wow, they are so unusual looking but they look great!x



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