Friday, 30 October 2009

Forgotten Gems #2

i was having a little clear out the other day, and i came across these three unloved beauty products. at first i couldn't remember where I'd got them from, but i did remember that i used to love then, especially the pink one. so i peeled back the label on the bottom and discover that there actually really old products from benefit.
i LOVE rediscovering old things that some how got lost. these three products are lip and cheek stains and after a good shake they look as good as new. even if i don't get to use them much I'm definitely going to keep them. i just think they look really really pretty!

have you re discovered any items recently?


Wednesday, 28 October 2009


'Black' by BarryM


My New BarryM Nail Paints

there was a 2 for £5.00 offer on BarryM nail paints in Superdrug, and after being impressed by them previously, i decided to pick another two up. i got 'black' which is well basically black. i think black can look really elegant and stylish is it is put on short nails, and if it's really glossy which this one is. the other colour i got is 'raspberry' this one is really popular and i have wanted it for a while now. it's just a lovely deep pink and a great everyday colour to get me through the winter months

in total i now have 5 Barry M nail paints and i love them!

What's your favourite colour?


Monday, 5 October 2009

REVIEW: Johnson's 24hours facial moisturiser

so i started using a new moisturiser about two weeks ago and thought i would share my view on it with you :)

it's the Johnson's 24 hours facial moisturiser that comes in a little 50ml glass jar as pictured above.

what the website says:

You love that look of freshly moisturised skin, but as the day progresses you can lose that healthy-looking glow and fresh complexion. With JOHNSON’S® 24hour moisture Facial Moisturiser, you can lock in that moisturised look for a full 24 hours. This beautifully light moisturiser is quickly absorbed for long-lasting hydration.

Available in 2 gentle variants that are specifically tailored to suit your skin needs - for dry & sensitive skin with shea butter and for normal & combination skin with Vitamin E.

what do i think?

i really like the effect this moisturiser gives my skin. not only is it light, so it doesn't leave the skin feeling oil and greasy, but it also moisturisers really well. it's hard to come across a moisturiser that does both things well and i do think that this ticks both boxes. about 30 seconds after applying this moisturiser, i am usually ready to apply my makeup. it absorbs into the skin really well making it a great makeup base.

in the pot the texture feels quiet solid, but once dotted around the face, it softens up quickly and glided on really easily. i suffer from dry skin around my noise especially and this moisturiser sorts out the problem straight away. I've used moisturisers in the past that have felt lovely and everything but have failed to deliver when it came to sorting out dry patches on my face.

overall i am really impressed with this mosituriser, especially being a drugstore product and therefore affordable.

Where can you buy this moisturiser?

i bought it from boots for just under £6.00 i think. the Johnson's range is sold in other shops like superdrug and even supermarket like Tesco and Asda.


i would recommend this product 100%..... i sound like Louis Walsh! (anyone been watching the x factor? :))


*****(5 stars) - i really do love it :)... anyone tried it?


Kings Road

kings road by nails inc. is quickly becoming one of my favourite nail polishes. i painted my nails with it yesterday and i cannot stop looking at my hands. it's a lovely light lilac shade that leaves a intense glossy finish!

i must admit, i was quiet surprised when i found myself liking this nail varnish because i do prefer darker nail colours and just generally feel that darker colour look nicer on my hands/nails. i do own quiet a few light shades but never seem to reach for them, especially in the winter, but i love love love this colour and think it compliments my skin tone perfectly!

have you ever been surprised by a nail colour?


Friday, 2 October 2009

My BIG new pot of BE...

as you may know by now, i am a massive Bare Escentuals fan! i love their foundation and have used it for about a year now. I'm close to coming to the end of a 2g pot and so decided to repurchase. i used to use the shade Medium Tan but it's always been a little bit to dark for me. i got away with it in the summer, but now that the winter has rolled along i was finding it difficult to apply with out making myself look odd. so whilst shopping around, i found a website - - and i must say I'm really impressed with it. they sell authentic BE products at a good couple of pounds cheaper than most other places. i got the massive 9g pot for only £17.99 including p&p whereas most other website sell it for £24.00 +p&p! the foundation pot was delivered within 2 days and did i mention it was free delivery. I'm definitely going to be using this website again to treat myself to more BE products :)

i decided to go for the shade Golden Medium.... it's description was for medium skin tones with a golden undertone, and I'm so glad a chose it because it's a perfect match! in the past I've found it so hard to find a foundation that matches my skintone perfectly, so I'm really really pleased!... can you tell??... i don't think this shade however is available in UK stores at the moment, but i would recommend buying it online anyway... from

if you want to know more about my thought on Bare Escentuals then check out previous post on my blog.... there will be a few raving about this product :D

and to round up... i would really really recommend this foundation. if you have any question just drop me a comment :)



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