Thursday, 31 December 2009

My favourite products of 2009 - part I

L-R - chester place, jermyn street, victoria

L-R: hairspray by tresemme, ojon hair serum, lee stafford day after spray

L-R: pure facial wash by Garnier, johnson's moisturiser, triple action lotion by Neutrogena... just an additional, when i put pure lemon juice on my face it did me wonders! it really cleared up my skin and evened out my skin tone

there were loads more products that i wanted to include, but the list would have gone on and on, so i stuck to three (four for face) for each category. I'll do a separate post for my make up favourite soon.

what have you loved using this year?

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

REVIEW: Lee Stafford hair products

i recently purchased two Lee Stafford hair products, and was really excited to try them out as I've heard alot of good things.
the first products i got was the day after spray which is basically supposed to make your hair feel like the way it does the day after you've washed it. to me that means less frizzy and more shiny. I've been using this spray for the past week and even though i think the difference is subtle i really like it. it does de-frizz my hair which is great but not necessarily to the point where it looks like the way it does the day after washing. overall though i do like it and will continue using it.... hell i might even repurchase!

RRP: £4.99 in Boots, but if you buy before the 29th December you can get it for £2.99 with a haircare voucher. i think its definitely worth it for £4.99 and would be happy to pay that much for it.

Rating: ***1/2

the next product i opted for was the shine head spray. it says on the can that it's shiny sexy hair in a can. i disagree... i can't see the difference after I've applied it! however i may not be the best person to pass judgement on this product because i naturally have shiny hair. i have read rave reviews on it so maybe it's more suited for somebody who would like to add shine rather then enhance it. overall, for me it doesn't work to well, but that doesn't mean it won't for you, give it a go.

RRP: £5.49 in boots, but again you can get £2.00 off if you buy before the 29th December with a hair care voucher

Rating: **

a lot of people seem to love the smell of Lee Stafford products, but they remind of the smell of when your on a plane which i don't really like... but it's not at all over powering and i can't smell it much once iv put the product on my hair.

other products that i want to try by Lee Stafford are the sea salt spray, which is supposed to give you beach like waves, and i also want to try the hair detoxing shampoo... has anyone tried either of them?

before i go i just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, i hope you get everything you've wished for :)!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Recent Purchases: Laura Geller

i recently purchased a makeup set by Laura Geller, and so i thought i would share it with you. Laura Geller isn't a brand that's well recognised in the UK, so people haven't really heard of it, but personally i love Laura Geller products and have raved about her baked line numerous times in the past. i bought this kit mainly for the Balance and Brighten and the Bronze and Brighten. i used to own the split compact, but i ran out ages ago now. I'm not one to repurchase many products, because I'm always looking to try new things, so by repurchasing these two items it show me how much i actually like them.

both compacts always draw so much attention when I'm out with friends, i must admit they are really pretty to look at.

from L-R: Balance and Bronze, Eye Rimz Shadow Liner, Balance and Brighten

to read a more in depth review, check out one of my previous post here (i like the balance and brighten alot more then i used to, it's grown on me :)

another product received in the kit was a shadow/liner. i haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but i love the blue and can't wait to wear it as a liner. when i do, I'll make sure to post swatches

if your thinking about trying Laura Geller products, i would really recommend her foundation and bronzer from her baked line.


Saturday, 19 December 2009

Nicky Clarke DESIRED Hair Straighteners...GHD Dupe?

I'd been wanting a new pair of hair straighteners and had been telling myself that i'm going to get one for ages, but the only problem was that i just didn't know which ones to go for!

the obvious choice would have been a pair of GHD's and yes i will admit to really wanting a pair, but i just didn't have the £100 odd that they would have cost. so whilst in boots the other day i came across the Nicky Clarke DESIRED hair straighteners which immediately stuck me for three reason, 1. because they had a big yellow sticker one them that said 'proven to perform better than GHDs' or something along those lines. 2. i had seen a couple of YouTube videos reviewing them, all saying that they were just as good if not better than GHD's and finally 3. they were half price, £43.99 down from £87.99.

so after staring at them for a while and wandering around other shops, i decided to go back and pick one up for myself... I'm so glad that i did! i love them. i've tried GHD's before and i do honestly think that these work just as well at a fraction of the price. i also love the fact that the shape of the straightener is rounded, allowing me to create curls as well as straight hair. the gloss finish (which the original GHD lack's) also allows the hair to glide over it easily, which again help when curling hair.

so if your looking to buy a new pair of straighteners i would definitely recommend getting these. i think they would make a great present for someone as well :)


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

REVIEW: Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing Warming Scrub

for the past two weeks, i have been using the Clean&Clear deep cleansing warming scrub and would like to share my thoughts.

What the website says:

CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Cleansing Warming Scrub instantly warms the skin on contact with water and exfoliates to remove pore-clogging residue. The warming effect opens pores to help the scrub give a really deep down clean. Your skin is left deeply cleansed, feeling soft and smooth all day long
Exfoliating your skin not only removes dead cells that can clog pores but it also stimulates new cell growth. Exfoliating scrubs can help skin look and feel refreshed and are recommended when treating most skin conditions to achieve a deep-down clean.

What do i think?
when i first started using this product, i was really impressed and really felt that the warming effect helped to clear out my pores. i also noticed that after washing my face with this scrub, my face was left feeling soft and smooth. i was initially surprised by how much the product heats up and it really intrigued my because it's the first warming scrub I've ever used.
the product itself is very very thick making it quiet an effort to squeeze out the tube, okay that may sound like a bit of an over exaggeration but i do notice the pressure i need to put on the tube to get the product out each's very grainy making it an excellent scrub, but it's not so harsh that it hurts like some scrubs can, but rather dissolve a little after being rubbed on the face.

like mentioned above, I've been using the product for over a week now and having initially experienced positive results with it, i have suffered from a recent breakout. i don't usually get many spots, so i was a bit confused when i got a couple appearing around my face in area that I'm not prone to getting spots. now i can't be completely sure that my recent spot out break is due to the warming scrub, but it's the only new product I've used on my face. so i think i might stop using it for a while and see what happens.

just because it hasn't worked perfectly for me, it doesn't mean that you will experience the same results. like i mentioned above, the initial results were great, so on that basic, i would still recommend this product if you wanted to give it a go.



Friday, 30 October 2009

Forgotten Gems #2

i was having a little clear out the other day, and i came across these three unloved beauty products. at first i couldn't remember where I'd got them from, but i did remember that i used to love then, especially the pink one. so i peeled back the label on the bottom and discover that there actually really old products from benefit.
i LOVE rediscovering old things that some how got lost. these three products are lip and cheek stains and after a good shake they look as good as new. even if i don't get to use them much I'm definitely going to keep them. i just think they look really really pretty!

have you re discovered any items recently?


Wednesday, 28 October 2009


'Black' by BarryM


My New BarryM Nail Paints

there was a 2 for £5.00 offer on BarryM nail paints in Superdrug, and after being impressed by them previously, i decided to pick another two up. i got 'black' which is well basically black. i think black can look really elegant and stylish is it is put on short nails, and if it's really glossy which this one is. the other colour i got is 'raspberry' this one is really popular and i have wanted it for a while now. it's just a lovely deep pink and a great everyday colour to get me through the winter months

in total i now have 5 Barry M nail paints and i love them!

What's your favourite colour?


Monday, 5 October 2009

REVIEW: Johnson's 24hours facial moisturiser

so i started using a new moisturiser about two weeks ago and thought i would share my view on it with you :)

it's the Johnson's 24 hours facial moisturiser that comes in a little 50ml glass jar as pictured above.

what the website says:

You love that look of freshly moisturised skin, but as the day progresses you can lose that healthy-looking glow and fresh complexion. With JOHNSON’S® 24hour moisture Facial Moisturiser, you can lock in that moisturised look for a full 24 hours. This beautifully light moisturiser is quickly absorbed for long-lasting hydration.

Available in 2 gentle variants that are specifically tailored to suit your skin needs - for dry & sensitive skin with shea butter and for normal & combination skin with Vitamin E.

what do i think?

i really like the effect this moisturiser gives my skin. not only is it light, so it doesn't leave the skin feeling oil and greasy, but it also moisturisers really well. it's hard to come across a moisturiser that does both things well and i do think that this ticks both boxes. about 30 seconds after applying this moisturiser, i am usually ready to apply my makeup. it absorbs into the skin really well making it a great makeup base.

in the pot the texture feels quiet solid, but once dotted around the face, it softens up quickly and glided on really easily. i suffer from dry skin around my noise especially and this moisturiser sorts out the problem straight away. I've used moisturisers in the past that have felt lovely and everything but have failed to deliver when it came to sorting out dry patches on my face.

overall i am really impressed with this mosituriser, especially being a drugstore product and therefore affordable.

Where can you buy this moisturiser?

i bought it from boots for just under £6.00 i think. the Johnson's range is sold in other shops like superdrug and even supermarket like Tesco and Asda.


i would recommend this product 100%..... i sound like Louis Walsh! (anyone been watching the x factor? :))


*****(5 stars) - i really do love it :)... anyone tried it?


Kings Road

kings road by nails inc. is quickly becoming one of my favourite nail polishes. i painted my nails with it yesterday and i cannot stop looking at my hands. it's a lovely light lilac shade that leaves a intense glossy finish!

i must admit, i was quiet surprised when i found myself liking this nail varnish because i do prefer darker nail colours and just generally feel that darker colour look nicer on my hands/nails. i do own quiet a few light shades but never seem to reach for them, especially in the winter, but i love love love this colour and think it compliments my skin tone perfectly!

have you ever been surprised by a nail colour?


Friday, 2 October 2009

My BIG new pot of BE...

as you may know by now, i am a massive Bare Escentuals fan! i love their foundation and have used it for about a year now. I'm close to coming to the end of a 2g pot and so decided to repurchase. i used to use the shade Medium Tan but it's always been a little bit to dark for me. i got away with it in the summer, but now that the winter has rolled along i was finding it difficult to apply with out making myself look odd. so whilst shopping around, i found a website - - and i must say I'm really impressed with it. they sell authentic BE products at a good couple of pounds cheaper than most other places. i got the massive 9g pot for only £17.99 including p&p whereas most other website sell it for £24.00 +p&p! the foundation pot was delivered within 2 days and did i mention it was free delivery. I'm definitely going to be using this website again to treat myself to more BE products :)

i decided to go for the shade Golden Medium.... it's description was for medium skin tones with a golden undertone, and I'm so glad a chose it because it's a perfect match! in the past I've found it so hard to find a foundation that matches my skintone perfectly, so I'm really really pleased!... can you tell??... i don't think this shade however is available in UK stores at the moment, but i would recommend buying it online anyway... from

if you want to know more about my thought on Bare Escentuals then check out previous post on my blog.... there will be a few raving about this product :D

and to round up... i would really really recommend this foundation. if you have any question just drop me a comment :)


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

REVIEW: Maybelline pulse perfection mascara

first I'll start by apologising, because I've been meaning to do this review for ages, but just haven't got round to it. I've been really busy with school, work, applying for uni etc. etc. etc...

but anyway, moving on... i mentioned in a earlier post that i was sent the new pulse perfection mascara by maybelline to test out, and i did. I've been using it for over a week now and overall have mixed opinions.

what the website says:

Why You'll Love It

It’s our first vibrating mascara. Transforms your lashes to perfection.
  • Patent-pending elastomer brush vibrates 7,000 times per stroke
  • Provides clump-free definition, intense color, and shine
  • Waterproof; also available in washable formula
  • Builds lash volume, length, and adds curl
  • Buildable formula
  • Ideal for All Skin Types
  • Contact lens safe
what do i think:
well to start off with, i was really excited to try the is mascara and was looking forward to seeing how the vibrating wand wound differ from a normal mascara wand.
i noticed that the wand was pretty much exactly the same as the Define-A-Lash wand, which was fine with me especially since i used to love that mascara, but after using the mascara for a couple of days, i felt that there was both pros and cons to the product.

  • the vibrating wand did help to separate the lashes effortlessly
  • the mascara lengthened the lashes
  • I'm a contact lens wearer and it didn't irritate
  • added shine to the lashes

  • i didn't like the feel of the vibration on the eyelid
  • i can see why this mascara is priced at £14.99 , but i do feel this is too steep
  • i think the effect can be achieved with a little more effort using define a lash but at half the price.
  • on some occasions my eyelashes did begin to clump

top: pulse perfection wand... bottom: Define-A-Lash wand

one coat of maybelline pulse perfection mascara

i can see why people love this mascara, and i do think its very good!!... but for me personally think i'v tried mascara that are better for me, for example max factors false lash effect. i would still recommend this product and think you should give it a go if your curious about it like i was.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

BarryM: Nail Paints

while i was in Boots yesterday, i decided to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer and treated myself to three Barry M nail paints. I've been wanting to try these for age, especially after hearing so many good things about them.

i picked up.....
My thoughts....
Oh my, i can't believe i waited so long to try these! i love them! and at £2.98(and even cheaper due to the 3 for 2 offer) these nail paints are a true bargain. as you may have noticed i am a nails inc. junkie and don't tend to venture out and try other nail brands... don't get me wrong i do still love nails inc., but at £10.50 a bottle it doesn't seem as appealing.

the finish that the Barry M nails paints give is really glossy and looks really expensive. in my opinion, comparable to nails inc. polishes.

another great bonus is the colour range. there's loads of different colour's to try so there's a colour for everyone.

overall the nail paints get a BIG thumbs up from me! and I'm definitely going to buy some more. i wanted to get the raspberry shade, but unfortunately they didn't have it, so i will be sure to pick that up next time i see it.

what nail paints do you love?


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Colour Sensational

today i was delighted received i little parcel in the post. i was really excited because it contained some products for me to try out from Maybelline. i was invited to the blogger's event on the 10th but was unable to make it, so would just like to say a huge thank you to Natalie from Headstream PR for still sending me some products to try out :) THANK YOU!

moving on... i received two colour sensational lipsticks and the new pulse perfection vibrating mascara ( i can't wait to try this out!) just to let you know, this post will be on the lipsticks and I'll do a separate review on the mascara once I've had a chance to try it out.

i was sent the lipstick it two shades, Midnight Plum and Golden Brown, and even though the purple wasn't something i would usually ever think of trying, i was excited to give it a go.

what the website says:

Why You'll Love It
Fall in love with colour, all over again:
- CRISPER COLOUR created by our pigment technology.
- Enriched with honey nectar.

- Discover HI-DEF colour.
- Intensify your lipcolour with our 26 captiving shades.

“I am so impressed with new Color Sensational. The high-definition shades give lips a real crisp colour which is very impactful. It is also easy to apply and gives lips a c
reamy feel.” Fiona Jolly, Maybelline New York's Celebrity Make-Up Artist. .

what do i think?
i have to say, i was really impressed with the texture and feel of these lipsticks. they were really soft and creamy and definitely easy to work with. lipstick can be a difficult product to wear, especially if you have dry lips like me, but these really do moisturise the lips and leave a lovely finish. i liked the fact that the colour intensity was buildable which makes alot of the more vibrant shades more wearable.

first tried Golden Brown, which initially looked really quiet dark for my liking because i'm more of a neutral/pinky lipstick girl, but when applied to the lips, i was pleasantly surprised! like i said, the colour was buildable, so with a little bit applied the colour came through as a lovely neutral shade. definitely something I'll wear i tried the Midnight Plum, and i tired it at full intensity. i did like the look of the colour, but to be perfectly honest i know it's a colour that i just wouldn't wear. i do admire people who would be confident to go out with such a colour on, but i don't think I'm quiet there yet..... i think the tone of the lipstick looked OKAY on me, but i think it would look much better on a deeper skin tone. my mum is quiet a bit darker than i am, and she loves wearing purple's and they really suit her. having said that the texture and feel was amazing. i loved the finish to this lipstick especially. it was so glossy!
haha, what can i say... I'm cool!!

trying this colour has made me decide to aim to be a bit more adventurous with my lip colour, and i definitely want to try out some more of the colour sensational lipsticks.. i really do recommend them. so as well as going on a hunt for popular colour's such as Amber Rose, I'm going to try and find a pillar box red shade.... adventurous i know! this sounds a bit contradictive from me saying I'm not confident enough to wear bright shades, but I've wanted to try a bright red for ages and i WANT to be confident enough to wear it, so if i can find one from this range I'm going to grab it. I've only swatched these two and I'm already in love!

if you have anything on your blog to do with these lipsticks please direct me their, i want to know what you all think :)


Saturday, 5 September 2009

REVIEW: Garnier Pure long lasting shine control moisturiser

i was asked to recommend a product by one of my followers that would help combat shine around the T-zone during the day, so i'm going to do a review on Garnier Pre long lasting shin control moisturiser.

What the packaging says:
is Garnier shine control moisturiser right for me?
Yes, if you skin is combination or greasy and suffers from shine, blemishes and imperfections.

How is it different?
it has a complete and long lasting shine control action: it mattifies the skin, absorbs excess oil and sebum day after day. it hydrates skin and helps to purify it.

How does it work?
it's unique formula contains active ingredients that have been selected for their complementary action: WHITE CLAY for it's oil absorbing properties, ZINC for it's regulating action and an anti-bacterial agent for it's purifying power.
your skin looks beautifully clear with a long lasting mattified look

How do i use it?
Apply Garnier pure long lasting shine control morning and evening to keep your skin fresh and clear.
Gently massage into the skin using light circular movements from the centre of your face outwards. do not apply to the delicate eye contour areas or irritated skin
It's an excellent bas for makeup.

What do i think?
well firstly I'll start by saying that i do agree with alot of what the packaging say, however i cannot comment on if it helps to clear the skin because i don't think i have used the product for long enough.

some additional thoughts to what the packaging says, one being that i think this moisturiser has a lovely texture. it's really light on the face, which is what i like, especially in the morning because i don't what to be putting a thick moisturiser on my face just before i apply makeup. it's consistency is also great, it's not too runny or to thick, it glides onto the face really easily and in my opinion leave the face feeling fresh.

the most important thing is that this product does mattify the skin and is great for you if you suffer from a shiny T-Zone. it's a great alternative to loading your face with powder if you prefer not to wear alot of face makeup, which can be bad for your skin by clogging your pores.

bad points?
i don't really think it's smell is that appealing... it smells a bit like soil :s but you can't smell it once the product has been applied to the skin.
even though my for head and chin area stayed relatively matt after a long day, i did notice a bit of shine around by noise, so I'm not too sure about how long this product last.



Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I think i'v just discovered my HG lip care product!

to be precise it's the Palmer's lip butter that i got today (mentioned in the post below)What does the packaging say?
softens and soothe your dry, chapped lips with this unique, dark chocolate peppermint lip butter. a special formulation of Palmer's 100% cocoa butter, vitamin E and Petrolatum provides ulta moisturisation and a hint of gloss with the delicious scent of dark chocolate and peppermint. this one of a kind lip butter gives you a slight tingle so you know it's working to combat even the driest lips. the addition of peppermint oil freshens the breath naturally.

What do i think?
well i think from the title you can tell that i LOVE IT! it's perfect for the colder months. i tend to get really dry lips and am always constantly applying something to them during the winter. I'm so glad i discovered this because it's so conditioning and makes the lips feels so soft and smooth. if you love other products by Palmer's, I'm pretty sure that you will be a fan of this. what the coco butter does for you skin, this does for you lips.

if you like chocolate chip mint ice cream then you will love this, it's smells just like it, and as the packaging say, when applied you can feel it tingling on the lips.... i think i even prefer this to carmex, so if your looking for something new to get you prepared for the upcoming months in terms of lip care i highly recommend this.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

Forgotten Gems

so i was having a little clear out today and i stumble across a couple of make-up items that i had long forgotten about, but had definitely once upon a time been a big part of my daily makeup routine.

first is this MAC eyeshadow which was release with a Barbie collection and it was actually my first ever MAC product. It's in a shade called whistle an I'm so glad i found it because i really used to love this product and i wore it all the time. it's a beautiful pearly baby pink colour that leaves a subtle satin finish. it can be worn as a eyeshadow, on the inner corners of the eyes to give a wide awake look and even as a highlighter on the brow bone. i still have quite a bit of it left and it still has the barbie imprint on it.

next is a product that I'm sure you've all heard about, it the Maybelline great lash mascara in Blackest Black. this was a cult favourite once upon a time and was actually the first mascara i ever owned. i haven't tried it in ages, but i do remember loving it and i did repurchase it a couple of times. this one is clearly past its sell by date so next time I'm in a drugstore i might just pick it up again as i do think that it's a forgotten gem of mine.

i love love love rediscovering old products, because when you do they feel new again ans you get the same feeling you did when you first bought them! :)

However... I'm going to start making a conscious effort to use product before i purchase more of the same kind. even though it's great to rediscover unused products i think it's even better to get your moneys worth out of them... do you agree?

have you rediscovered any old make up items lately?


Monday, 24 August 2009

Products i'm using right now!

I'd be lying if i said i had been tagged to do this, because i haven't. :( but i wanted to do it, so i hope you don't mind but here goes...

Shampoo & Conditioner: Ojon hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Shower Gel: Imperial Leather Japanese Spa foamburst shower gel

Body moisturiser: Palmers cocoa butter

Deodorant: Sure Crystal

Fake Tan: i don't use fake tan

Cleanser and Toner: Neutrogena triple action 2 in 1 cleaner and toner

Exfoliator: Clean and clear daily exfoliating scrub

Primer: Laura Geller spackle

Foundation: Bare Minerals

Foundation brush: my fingers!

Concealer: Max Factor Concealer Stick... please recommend a new concealer to me, i want to try something that really works!

Powder: Bare Minerals mineral veil

Bronzer: it changes all the time, but at the moments it's benefit hoola again

Highlighter: Smashbox highlighting quad in smashing reel

Eyeshadow base: MAC paint pot in bare studyEyeshadow: MAC Sable

Eyeliner: Avon perfect wear liquid liner

Mascara: I'm loving Avon Supershock mascara at the moment (it's my product of the week:)

Lipstick: Revlon matte lipstick in Nude Attitude

Lipgloss: Revlon super lustrous lipgloss in shocking spice

Nail Colour: Nails Inc - Kings Road



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