Sunday, 31 January 2010

REVIEW: VICHY'S Facial Emulsion

What do i think?
i while ago i was sent a couple of skincare item's by Vinchy's. if I'm perfectly honest i wasn't to excited by them, mainly because there was nothing about them that drew me in. i wasn't a fan of the packaging design and even though the smell was 'nice' it wasn't, in my opinion anything special.

i did eventually get round to trying the facial emulsion and now i must admit that my first impression was wrong! as a moisturiser it works really well, it helps to moisturise my dry skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. once applied the scent isn't over powering or even detectable which is a positive for me because once I've applied a product i prefer to just forget about it.

Where can i buy it from?
available exclusively in Lloyds pharmacy for 8.50 pounds

even though i was pleased with the product and it worked well, i don't think i wound re-purchase. firstly because i think it's aimed at an older age category, i think this mainly because of the packaging and the scent. and secondly, even though it retails at a good price, i feel like i can pay the same amount for a product that excites me a little bit more.

DISCLAIMER: i was sent this product for reviewing purposes. i was not paid to do this and all opinions given in the above review are my own.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Shopping: Benefit

over the weekend i stopped by a Benefit counter and picked up a few things. i've been wanting to try the Bo-ing concealer for ages, especially after reading loads of rave reviews on it, so i decided to get it. The MA matched me with shade 03 which is the darkest shade they do. Even though it's a good match for my skin tone, it's one of the few things that annoy me about the brand. i think their colour selection is rubbish! i do have tanned skin, but at the same time it's in a fairer catagory so people with a darker skintone than me may not be able to use this product... i don't know, i just think it's a bit unfair for such a well known brand not to accommodate for all skin tones and provide a wider colour selection.

that point aside, i have managed to use this a couple of times and i really like it. it cover up and blemishes and my dark circles under my eyes really well. so i would recommend it, if your skintone fit's into the colour selection avaliable!
what the website says:
This industrial-strength concealer camouflages dark circles, shadows and discoloration for a seamless, natural-looking finish without creasing or fading. You name it, boi-ing helps hide it!

the next thing i pick up was the 'Big Beautiful Eye' palette. i was playing around with this yesterday and i really like it, especially the dark brown shade on the right. this also comes with a small size of the bo-ing concealer but in shade 2 which i could use under my eyes to brighten the area.i liked the idea of having a kit purely designed to making your eye's look bigger and more defined, so so far i'm pretty pleased with this purchase too.

what the website says:
This little kit is all you need to line, define and contour your eyes like a pro.

  • Kit contains:
  • boi-ing 02, industrial-strength concealer 1.8g Net wt. 0.06 oz.
  • alabaster pink base shadow 0.8g Net wt 0.03 oz.
  • cocoa shimmer contour shadow 0.8g Net wt 0.03 oz.
  • rich chocolate brown liner shadow 0.8g Net wt 0.03 oz.
  • two brushes for easy application
  • an illustrated, step-by-step professional makeup lesson

i also got a silky finish lipstick in 'Hug It Out' i really like the quality of Benefit lipsticks. i think there really moisturising and leave a lovely satin/silky finsh on the lips. this particular shade is a lovely pinky peach, perfect for Spring/Summer. i've never been a lipstick fan, but i'm slowly growing my collection. i've learnt that adding a bit of lipstick can just help to finish and bring a look together.

what the website says:
Our flattering silky-finish lipsticks are sheer and buildable, so you can customize your look: a light wash of color for au natural gals or an amped-up POP of color for the drama queen in you!

and finally i got this brush set... it was free! there was an offer on, which was basically if you buy any product you get a free brush set. i don't know why, but i absolutely love collection brushes, in my opinion you can never have enough!

whats your favourite product by Benefit?

Saturday, 16 January 2010


i've been wanting to try the 'HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS' soap by LUSH. so while i was passing a lush shop i decided to go in and pick a bar up.

today was my first time using it and guess what....... I LOVE IT!. Not only does it smell amazing and i mean really really really good, but it also does the job that it's supposed to do. it left my skin feeling soft and smooth and i can still smell the scent lingering on my skin.

overall i'm really impressed with this soap and i am definatley looking forward to re-purchasing this particular one but also trying other soaps and goodies by LUSH. i think i might try 'Rockstar' next.
what do you recommend?

if your a lush fan, why don't you head over to their website and take advantage of a great deal their offering until the 30th of January... the 'head shoulder knees and toes pack'..

Monday, 11 January 2010

New Nail Polish Storage

i have been looking for a new way to store my nails inc. nail polishes for a while now, and have finally found a way that i like. whilst having a massive clear out i came across an old jewellery box that i'd forgotten i owned. i took the drawers, and used them as part of my makeup storage and then used the rest of the jewellery box as a small shelf for my nail polishes.

it has three layers, so I've tried to split the colours into three categories:
pinks and reds
and darker shades

what do you think?

how do you store your nail polishes?

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Skincare Routine

due to the cold weather my face has been awfully dry to the point where it's almost painful! i can't remember my skin ever feeling so dry. I've always suffered from dry skin around my nose but now i seem to have dry patches all over my face. so to try and sort this out and hydrate my skin, every night for the past week I've been following the same skincare routine.
1) first i wash my face with a facial exfoliator to help remove any dead skin. the particular one that i am using is the Garnier Pure deep pore wash. i really like this, it always helps clear up my skin.

2)i mix together a small amount of moisturiser and three drops of bio oil and massage onto my face, concentrating on dry area's like around my nose, on my chin etc.

3)i then add a small amount of Vaseline to any area that still feel dry and i even apply it on my eyelashes

4)I've run out of carmex, which is one of my favourite lip care products, so at the moment i am using a lip conditioner my Blistex which is basically exactly the same thing. i like to spread a generous amount of this on my lips before i go to bed.

so far its really helped. iv definitely seen a difference in the dryness of my skin and it's also cleared up a whole lot as well. so far so good!

is anyone else suffering from dry skin?


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