Tuesday, 16 February 2010

NYX Snow White Lipstick

what can i say... a deep classic red!
I think some people can look amazing with red lips, but on me I'm not too sure. Maybe it's just a confidence thing. I'd love to be able to rock red lips out 'n about.
The pigment on this one is amazing! It took some effort to take off aswell. It's great for any season, a red lip is a red lip :)
I've had really good feedback from my NYX lipstick swatch posts, if you would like me to do a particular one from the couple that i bought (click here to see) just let me know :)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

NYX Pumpkin Pie Lipstick

This is another one of my favourite NYX lipsticks. I've been wearing it almost everyday since it arrived in the post.

It adds a subtle light orange toned nude colour to the lips, making it an everyday/go to colour. Like Tea Rose it's perfect for Spring/Summer. I love it!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Topshop Lust List

i really like alot of the new items that topshop have in lately, here's a few of the things that have caught my eye on the website:

Vaseline helps eyelashes grow...REALLY?!

two coats of mascara

over the past couple of weeks I've been applying Vaseline to my eyelashes to help condition them and keep them strong. I've heard that it worked well for this purpose, but I'd never heard of it to help stimulate eyelash growth.

I've always been interested in eye lash growth products, i mean come on... who doesn't want to have longer lashes! So I'm sure you can guess that i was really pleasantly surprised to discover that after about 2 weeks of using Vaseline daily on my eyelashes, i could see a slight but noticeable different in the length of my lashes.

I think this was mainly due to them being well conditioned and better treated and therefore less likely to fall out, making it appear like my lashes had grown longer, whereas actually there were probably just more of them with eyelashes growing a little bit more rather than falling out.

Whatever this product has done to my lashes, I'm definitely pleased with it and hope it continues.
Has anyone else used Vaseline on their eyelashes and experienced similar results?

NYX Tea Rose Lipstick

This one is definitely one of my favourites from the handful of NYX round lipsticks i purchased last week. (click to see haul post here)
It glides onto the lips and leaves a lovely pinky satin finish. it's not to bright or too much of a statement, but rather a pretty colour which is perfect for spring/summer!
Along with this one there are a couple of other shades that i love too, so i will be showing them soon :)

Have you tried NYX round Lipsticks before?
Which colours are your favourite?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks Haul

click picture to enlarge

I've always wanted to try the NYX Round Lipsticks, especially after reading many rave reviews about them! my only problem was that i was a bit apprehensive about ordering them from the US because of additional charges and any UK based websites that sold them charged more than triple the retail price.

so, about a week and half ago, i was trying my best to put off the massive pile of work i had to get through and instead ended up searching cherryculture.com, a popular US website that sells different brands of makeup, one of the most popular being NYX cosmetics.

I'd remembered reading a post by Lipglossiping, a UK based blogger on price differences when ordering NYX cosmetics from cherryculture.com and a UK based website, she made ordering from cherryculture.com sound easy enough and made me aware of the fact that as long as you stay under the overall total of £18.00, you will not get charged extra duty on your goods.

so what did i do, i hear you ask.... yep i took the plunge and ordered a couple of lipsticks!
but it wasn't that easy...
the pictures on cherryculture.com aren't very good so i spent hours again, wasting time looking for swatches on the internet. i then finally decided to settle for nine shades that i wanted to try.

this is what i got:

I've been playing around with them and overall I'm pretty impressed! they glide onto the lips and are really pigmented. however having said that, there are some colours that i thought I'd love but i don't... for example REA. but oh well, i can't complain seeing as i got each lipstick for $1.75, so less than a pound each.

if you live in the UK and want to try products by NYX, i do recommend ordering from a US website such as cherryculture.com. it will save you alot of money as long as you keep below the £18.00 threshold.

if you want to see any swatches, just leave a comment below :)
thank you for reading

Monday, 1 February 2010


On sunday i popped into LUSH with one intension which was to pick up one of the new lip scrubs. i opted for the Mint Julip which i mentioned in a previous post and now thought i'd do a little review on it!

what does the website say?
Our fabulous lip scrubs are here to keep your kissers sweet. When you use Mint Julips, you'll find yourself craving a bowl of mint-chocolate chip ice cream. It's made with refreshing peppermint oil, which will make your lips feel soothed and tingly, and sweet vanilla extract to lock in moisture and protect your lips. Simply rub it over your lips when they're feeling the need for some sugar.

What do i think?
i couldn't wait to try this lip scrub and it didn't let me down! i took a pea sized amount and rubbed it onto my top and bottom lip. it's wasn't harsh and didn't hurt, but it did help blood circulation in my lips leaving them with a rosey tint for a while. above all it left my lips feeling soft and definately smooth.

after applying the lip scrub your just supposed to lip it off your lips....which is a bonus, especially since the the Mint Julip lip scrub smells and tastes like after eights. because of the mint, you can feel a slight tingle to the lips, which isn't uncomfortable, but actually rather nice :)
yeah 5 stars, i love it!

the lip scrub retails for £4.50 and comes in three flavours


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