Friday, 12 February 2010

Vaseline helps eyelashes grow...REALLY?!

two coats of mascara

over the past couple of weeks I've been applying Vaseline to my eyelashes to help condition them and keep them strong. I've heard that it worked well for this purpose, but I'd never heard of it to help stimulate eyelash growth.

I've always been interested in eye lash growth products, i mean come on... who doesn't want to have longer lashes! So I'm sure you can guess that i was really pleasantly surprised to discover that after about 2 weeks of using Vaseline daily on my eyelashes, i could see a slight but noticeable different in the length of my lashes.

I think this was mainly due to them being well conditioned and better treated and therefore less likely to fall out, making it appear like my lashes had grown longer, whereas actually there were probably just more of them with eyelashes growing a little bit more rather than falling out.

Whatever this product has done to my lashes, I'm definitely pleased with it and hope it continues.
Has anyone else used Vaseline on their eyelashes and experienced similar results?


  1. How do you use it then? Just smear it over your lashes at night?

  2. hmm that sounds really intriguing; never heard of vaseline on lashes before tbh LOL.

  3. @thedicegirl - yeah, i just use my finger to apply it and smear it on before i go to bed. x

  4. Never heard of this before but now you've mentioned it I'm going to have to try it!!

  5. I'm currently alternating between vaseline and pure Vitamin E oil on my lashes, but I'm too lazy to apply it every night LOL. -_-

  6. I've been using vaseline for about a month now. They're definitely in better shape then before. It's worth trying! xo



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