Saturday, 15 August 2009

Lemon juice face mask

after reading a post by bubblegarm, who by the way is one of my favourite bloggers, i decided to try and use lemon juice as a face mask... my skin isn't 'bad' and i don't really get alot of spot, but when i do they always leave blemishes.. and i never only get one spot, they always come together. so my skin either looks really good or kinda bad.

anyway so i read the post by bubblegarm when my skin was going through a bad patch and therefore decided to give it a go, especially since it was highly recommended.

instead on putting it on for 5 minutes in the morning, i treated it like a mask and left it on over night.

what i liked about it:
oh my! the different is amazing, my blemishes definitely lightened after id say 2 days, this was especially noticeable on my for head.

it really helped even out my skin tone. the skin on my for head and around my mouth had always been ever so slightly darker than the skin on the rest of my face, weird i no, and it always bothered me, but the lemon juice has really evened all of that out:)

it's natural! which is always a bonus. my skins really improving by using something that doesn't cost much money at all!

what i didn't like about it:
it stings!... but if you just leave it on it does carm down.

it feels a bit sticky which can be annoying if you want to leave it on over night like i do.

i suffer from dry skin anyway, and using lemon juice just made it worse, but i make sure i use a thick moisturiser in the morning, so it's not to bad.

my final verdict:
i think the pros definately out-weight the cons! i recommend using lemon juice on the face, it really works!

here's a picture of me from yesterday with no foundation onjust a thought though, with lemons being highly acidic is that not bad in anyway for the skin... does any one know? thanks for reading!



  1. ur skin looks amazing, so glad to hear ur liking it :) xxx

  2. @bubblegarm - thank you, alot of people have noticed that the condition of my skin has improved which shows it's really working :D



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