Monday, 3 August 2009

My new nail polishes

a parcel arrived in the post with my name on it today.... i had ordered some nails inc. nail varnishes to add to my growing collection.

this is all the nails. inc nail polishes i own

i certainly didn't need anymore but i couldn't resist, especially considering the price i got them for. i ordered the new winter metallics collection which are all pretty dark colours and i just thought well if there upcoming winter colours, why not...

on the nails inc. website this collection retails for £20.00, but i got it for 40% off (so £12). on top of that, the lilac colour on the left was free. so for all five i only paid £12... pretty good i think, considering that one bottle alone retails for £10.50 in nails inc. salons :)

i like nails inc. because what you see in the bottle is what you get on the nail.. here's what they look like...

there all quite dark and I'm not to sure about the green... but I'm sure I'll still wear it. my favourite is definitely the antique gold colour.
like I've mentioned in a previous post (here) one thing i love about nails inc. nail polishes are the names. each colour is named after a street in London..



  1. Wow, they're so lovely, I don't really have many nail polishes XD xxxxx

  2. Can I just ask where did you get that amzing deal from, Is it from th website, do they have special offers sometimes? Great collection! :) x



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