Saturday, 16 January 2010


i've been wanting to try the 'HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS' soap by LUSH. so while i was passing a lush shop i decided to go in and pick a bar up.

today was my first time using it and guess what....... I LOVE IT!. Not only does it smell amazing and i mean really really really good, but it also does the job that it's supposed to do. it left my skin feeling soft and smooth and i can still smell the scent lingering on my skin.

overall i'm really impressed with this soap and i am definatley looking forward to re-purchasing this particular one but also trying other soaps and goodies by LUSH. i think i might try 'Rockstar' next.
what do you recommend?

if your a lush fan, why don't you head over to their website and take advantage of a great deal their offering until the 30th of January... the 'head shoulder knees and toes pack'..


  1. I highly recomend Rockstar soap its lovely. i really want to get Honey i washed the kids as ive never tried it before but ive cut myself off to any lush as im trying to use up all my old products. x

  2. I want to try out more of the soaps, everyone seems to really rate them. Great post. x

  3. @Victoria - yeh i never understood the fuss about them until i tried one! i think the quality Of the soaps is really good.

    @Nav- i definately think i will try Rockstar next :)

    @Sadhbh- I AGREE!




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