Sunday, 31 January 2010

REVIEW: VICHY'S Facial Emulsion

What do i think?
i while ago i was sent a couple of skincare item's by Vinchy's. if I'm perfectly honest i wasn't to excited by them, mainly because there was nothing about them that drew me in. i wasn't a fan of the packaging design and even though the smell was 'nice' it wasn't, in my opinion anything special.

i did eventually get round to trying the facial emulsion and now i must admit that my first impression was wrong! as a moisturiser it works really well, it helps to moisturise my dry skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. once applied the scent isn't over powering or even detectable which is a positive for me because once I've applied a product i prefer to just forget about it.

Where can i buy it from?
available exclusively in Lloyds pharmacy for 8.50 pounds

even though i was pleased with the product and it worked well, i don't think i wound re-purchase. firstly because i think it's aimed at an older age category, i think this mainly because of the packaging and the scent. and secondly, even though it retails at a good price, i feel like i can pay the same amount for a product that excites me a little bit more.

DISCLAIMER: i was sent this product for reviewing purposes. i was not paid to do this and all opinions given in the above review are my own.



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