Saturday, 12 September 2009

Colour Sensational

today i was delighted received i little parcel in the post. i was really excited because it contained some products for me to try out from Maybelline. i was invited to the blogger's event on the 10th but was unable to make it, so would just like to say a huge thank you to Natalie from Headstream PR for still sending me some products to try out :) THANK YOU!

moving on... i received two colour sensational lipsticks and the new pulse perfection vibrating mascara ( i can't wait to try this out!) just to let you know, this post will be on the lipsticks and I'll do a separate review on the mascara once I've had a chance to try it out.

i was sent the lipstick it two shades, Midnight Plum and Golden Brown, and even though the purple wasn't something i would usually ever think of trying, i was excited to give it a go.

what the website says:

Why You'll Love It
Fall in love with colour, all over again:
- CRISPER COLOUR created by our pigment technology.
- Enriched with honey nectar.

- Discover HI-DEF colour.
- Intensify your lipcolour with our 26 captiving shades.

“I am so impressed with new Color Sensational. The high-definition shades give lips a real crisp colour which is very impactful. It is also easy to apply and gives lips a c
reamy feel.” Fiona Jolly, Maybelline New York's Celebrity Make-Up Artist. .

what do i think?
i have to say, i was really impressed with the texture and feel of these lipsticks. they were really soft and creamy and definitely easy to work with. lipstick can be a difficult product to wear, especially if you have dry lips like me, but these really do moisturise the lips and leave a lovely finish. i liked the fact that the colour intensity was buildable which makes alot of the more vibrant shades more wearable.

first tried Golden Brown, which initially looked really quiet dark for my liking because i'm more of a neutral/pinky lipstick girl, but when applied to the lips, i was pleasantly surprised! like i said, the colour was buildable, so with a little bit applied the colour came through as a lovely neutral shade. definitely something I'll wear i tried the Midnight Plum, and i tired it at full intensity. i did like the look of the colour, but to be perfectly honest i know it's a colour that i just wouldn't wear. i do admire people who would be confident to go out with such a colour on, but i don't think I'm quiet there yet..... i think the tone of the lipstick looked OKAY on me, but i think it would look much better on a deeper skin tone. my mum is quiet a bit darker than i am, and she loves wearing purple's and they really suit her. having said that the texture and feel was amazing. i loved the finish to this lipstick especially. it was so glossy!
haha, what can i say... I'm cool!!

trying this colour has made me decide to aim to be a bit more adventurous with my lip colour, and i definitely want to try out some more of the colour sensational lipsticks.. i really do recommend them. so as well as going on a hunt for popular colour's such as Amber Rose, I'm going to try and find a pillar box red shade.... adventurous i know! this sounds a bit contradictive from me saying I'm not confident enough to wear bright shades, but I've wanted to try a bright red for ages and i WANT to be confident enough to wear it, so if i can find one from this range I'm going to grab it. I've only swatched these two and I'm already in love!

if you have anything on your blog to do with these lipsticks please direct me their, i want to know what you all think :)



  1. The Midnight Plum shade looks fab on you!!! The vibrating mascara sounds interesting :) Cant wait until it arrives to Australian shores! xx

  2. They look nice, I really like the midnight plum on you, its a lovely colour xx

  3. Ohhh love midnight plum looks gorgeous on you!



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