Saturday, 5 September 2009

REVIEW: Garnier Pure long lasting shine control moisturiser

i was asked to recommend a product by one of my followers that would help combat shine around the T-zone during the day, so i'm going to do a review on Garnier Pre long lasting shin control moisturiser.

What the packaging says:
is Garnier shine control moisturiser right for me?
Yes, if you skin is combination or greasy and suffers from shine, blemishes and imperfections.

How is it different?
it has a complete and long lasting shine control action: it mattifies the skin, absorbs excess oil and sebum day after day. it hydrates skin and helps to purify it.

How does it work?
it's unique formula contains active ingredients that have been selected for their complementary action: WHITE CLAY for it's oil absorbing properties, ZINC for it's regulating action and an anti-bacterial agent for it's purifying power.
your skin looks beautifully clear with a long lasting mattified look

How do i use it?
Apply Garnier pure long lasting shine control morning and evening to keep your skin fresh and clear.
Gently massage into the skin using light circular movements from the centre of your face outwards. do not apply to the delicate eye contour areas or irritated skin
It's an excellent bas for makeup.

What do i think?
well firstly I'll start by saying that i do agree with alot of what the packaging say, however i cannot comment on if it helps to clear the skin because i don't think i have used the product for long enough.

some additional thoughts to what the packaging says, one being that i think this moisturiser has a lovely texture. it's really light on the face, which is what i like, especially in the morning because i don't what to be putting a thick moisturiser on my face just before i apply makeup. it's consistency is also great, it's not too runny or to thick, it glides onto the face really easily and in my opinion leave the face feeling fresh.

the most important thing is that this product does mattify the skin and is great for you if you suffer from a shiny T-Zone. it's a great alternative to loading your face with powder if you prefer not to wear alot of face makeup, which can be bad for your skin by clogging your pores.

bad points?
i don't really think it's smell is that appealing... it smells a bit like soil :s but you can't smell it once the product has been applied to the skin.
even though my for head and chin area stayed relatively matt after a long day, i did notice a bit of shine around by noise, so I'm not too sure about how long this product last.



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