Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I think i'v just discovered my HG lip care product!

to be precise it's the Palmer's lip butter that i got today (mentioned in the post below)What does the packaging say?
softens and soothe your dry, chapped lips with this unique, dark chocolate peppermint lip butter. a special formulation of Palmer's 100% cocoa butter, vitamin E and Petrolatum provides ulta moisturisation and a hint of gloss with the delicious scent of dark chocolate and peppermint. this one of a kind lip butter gives you a slight tingle so you know it's working to combat even the driest lips. the addition of peppermint oil freshens the breath naturally.

What do i think?
well i think from the title you can tell that i LOVE IT! it's perfect for the colder months. i tend to get really dry lips and am always constantly applying something to them during the winter. I'm so glad i discovered this because it's so conditioning and makes the lips feels so soft and smooth. if you love other products by Palmer's, I'm pretty sure that you will be a fan of this. what the coco butter does for you skin, this does for you lips.

if you like chocolate chip mint ice cream then you will love this, it's smells just like it, and as the packaging say, when applied you can feel it tingling on the lips.... i think i even prefer this to carmex, so if your looking for something new to get you prepared for the upcoming months in terms of lip care i highly recommend this.



  1. thanks for posting this! I will look for that, I have the same problem with my lips and love that flavour lol.
    thanks again! :)
    xx from madrid

  2. I love this stuff aswelll! Although You should definitely try the Burts Bees lipbalm! Its my HG :) xx

  3. I love that stuff, it's soooo good!

  4. owwww i use this aswell!! thats so cool!

    btw, thats awsome about you want to be a dentist, i dont know how it works in England, but if it is the same as here in Portugal, be prepared for hard work! satisfying though, when you see the results! i always amaze myself "wow, did i do this?!" haha i'm only a third year though, three more to go!

    btw, can i make a request for you to review a product? *.* you really seem to know what you're talking about, and i need serious help!


  5. @ Ines - yeh i'm going to be applying to university very soon, it's all so very stressful!!

    but anyway.... i would be more than happy to do a review on a product for you :D what would you like me to review?


  6. ok, so here's my problem hopefully you can help!

    i wash my face every morning and at night with a Garnier Pure gel (i cant tell you exactly whats on the bottle cause mine's in portuguese), but it has little exfoliating particles.

    and as soon as i get to uni after i leave home (say, 1/2 an hour after i wash my face) my t-zone is all greasy and glowy.

    i rarely wear any make up besides my eyeliner (liner stylo by Bourjois)and my blush from time to time (also from Bourjois) and I moisturize in the morning with Garnier Fresh's 24hr hydrating cream and take my make up off at night with Garnier's CleanSensitive

    As you can tell i am a huge garnier/bourjois fan, not just because the prices are accesible, but because i have had great results so far. except for the insta-greasy t-zone.

    any tips?
    thank you in advance! :D

  7. That balm looks so yummy! I've read that Palmer's has some really nice smelling stuff - I know that the point of buying something is for the use, but who can resist a nice smell?

  8. @Ines - just blogged about a product that might help :)



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