Friday, 30 October 2009

Forgotten Gems #2

i was having a little clear out the other day, and i came across these three unloved beauty products. at first i couldn't remember where I'd got them from, but i did remember that i used to love then, especially the pink one. so i peeled back the label on the bottom and discover that there actually really old products from benefit.
i LOVE rediscovering old things that some how got lost. these three products are lip and cheek stains and after a good shake they look as good as new. even if i don't get to use them much I'm definitely going to keep them. i just think they look really really pretty!

have you re discovered any items recently?



  1. They look gorgeous, lovin the leopard print tops! x

  2. I love rediscovering things! it makes me feel like i've been shopping!xx

  3. The bottles are definitely pretty! At first, I actually thought they were nail polishes LOL



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