Monday, 5 October 2009

REVIEW: Johnson's 24hours facial moisturiser

so i started using a new moisturiser about two weeks ago and thought i would share my view on it with you :)

it's the Johnson's 24 hours facial moisturiser that comes in a little 50ml glass jar as pictured above.

what the website says:

You love that look of freshly moisturised skin, but as the day progresses you can lose that healthy-looking glow and fresh complexion. With JOHNSON’S® 24hour moisture Facial Moisturiser, you can lock in that moisturised look for a full 24 hours. This beautifully light moisturiser is quickly absorbed for long-lasting hydration.

Available in 2 gentle variants that are specifically tailored to suit your skin needs - for dry & sensitive skin with shea butter and for normal & combination skin with Vitamin E.

what do i think?

i really like the effect this moisturiser gives my skin. not only is it light, so it doesn't leave the skin feeling oil and greasy, but it also moisturisers really well. it's hard to come across a moisturiser that does both things well and i do think that this ticks both boxes. about 30 seconds after applying this moisturiser, i am usually ready to apply my makeup. it absorbs into the skin really well making it a great makeup base.

in the pot the texture feels quiet solid, but once dotted around the face, it softens up quickly and glided on really easily. i suffer from dry skin around my noise especially and this moisturiser sorts out the problem straight away. I've used moisturisers in the past that have felt lovely and everything but have failed to deliver when it came to sorting out dry patches on my face.

overall i am really impressed with this mosituriser, especially being a drugstore product and therefore affordable.

Where can you buy this moisturiser?

i bought it from boots for just under £6.00 i think. the Johnson's range is sold in other shops like superdrug and even supermarket like Tesco and Asda.


i would recommend this product 100%..... i sound like Louis Walsh! (anyone been watching the x factor? :))


*****(5 stars) - i really do love it :)... anyone tried it?



  1. I have been using this for years & I love it! :) & I love x factor too! xxxxx

  2. i get dryness on my nose too! im always looking for something to combat it and my normal moisturiser just ran out, perfect timing!

  3. hehe i love the x factor..... how mean was cheryl to the opera guy, i felt so sorry for him!! who do you like?? :D

  4. I know!! How mean making him go back she was obv going to pick him to go through first aswel! Ermm well I like lucie because she went too my college & lloyd because hes my driving instructors wifes step son or something i cant remember! (how sad am i) haha! But I like stacey & jamie & olly! Haha! you? xxxx

  5. I know I love the welsh accent & even though im welsh I dont really have much of a welsh accent haha!
    Yeah I know, Louis for you he always puts through the rubbish too anoy simon! But there only young I thought they were older!




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