Saturday, 19 December 2009

Nicky Clarke DESIRED Hair Straighteners...GHD Dupe?

I'd been wanting a new pair of hair straighteners and had been telling myself that i'm going to get one for ages, but the only problem was that i just didn't know which ones to go for!

the obvious choice would have been a pair of GHD's and yes i will admit to really wanting a pair, but i just didn't have the £100 odd that they would have cost. so whilst in boots the other day i came across the Nicky Clarke DESIRED hair straighteners which immediately stuck me for three reason, 1. because they had a big yellow sticker one them that said 'proven to perform better than GHDs' or something along those lines. 2. i had seen a couple of YouTube videos reviewing them, all saying that they were just as good if not better than GHD's and finally 3. they were half price, £43.99 down from £87.99.

so after staring at them for a while and wandering around other shops, i decided to go back and pick one up for myself... I'm so glad that i did! i love them. i've tried GHD's before and i do honestly think that these work just as well at a fraction of the price. i also love the fact that the shape of the straightener is rounded, allowing me to create curls as well as straight hair. the gloss finish (which the original GHD lack's) also allows the hair to glide over it easily, which again help when curling hair.

so if your looking to buy a new pair of straighteners i would definitely recommend getting these. i think they would make a great present for someone as well :)


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  1. I recently was undecided between the two! But I'm a big follower of trends and fashion illustrated how popular they are with all the latest celebrities!



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