Tuesday, 22 December 2009

REVIEW: Lee Stafford hair products

i recently purchased two Lee Stafford hair products, and was really excited to try them out as I've heard alot of good things.
the first products i got was the day after spray which is basically supposed to make your hair feel like the way it does the day after you've washed it. to me that means less frizzy and more shiny. I've been using this spray for the past week and even though i think the difference is subtle i really like it. it does de-frizz my hair which is great but not necessarily to the point where it looks like the way it does the day after washing. overall though i do like it and will continue using it.... hell i might even repurchase!

RRP: £4.99 in Boots, but if you buy before the 29th December you can get it for £2.99 with a haircare voucher. i think its definitely worth it for £4.99 and would be happy to pay that much for it.

Rating: ***1/2

the next product i opted for was the shine head spray. it says on the can that it's shiny sexy hair in a can. i disagree... i can't see the difference after I've applied it! however i may not be the best person to pass judgement on this product because i naturally have shiny hair. i have read rave reviews on it so maybe it's more suited for somebody who would like to add shine rather then enhance it. overall, for me it doesn't work to well, but that doesn't mean it won't for you, give it a go.

RRP: £5.49 in boots, but again you can get £2.00 off if you buy before the 29th December with a hair care voucher

Rating: **

a lot of people seem to love the smell of Lee Stafford products, but they remind of the smell of when your on a plane which i don't really like... but it's not at all over powering and i can't smell it much once iv put the product on my hair.

other products that i want to try by Lee Stafford are the sea salt spray, which is supposed to give you beach like waves, and i also want to try the hair detoxing shampoo... has anyone tried either of them?

before i go i just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, i hope you get everything you've wished for :)!


  1. Great reviews! Its unfortunate that the onbly Lee Stafford product that is stocked where I live is the Dru Shampoo, Id love to try out the treatments! apparently theres one that helps hair grow.. not a miracle treatment, but it keeps the ends intact so that you can grow your hair without breakage!

    I absolutely adore the dry shampoo though, the product itself is GREAT (similar to Batiste dry shamp), but the packaging is what makes it non compareble to other dry shamps! Bright pink! how gorgeous

  2. @Lorien BeautyLove - yeh i'v heard about the treatment thats supposed to help your hair grow, i'v heard it's really good aswell. i'll look for it next time i'm in boots. :)

    i'v never tried the dry shampoo... infact i'v never tried any kind of dry shampoo, if i ever do, i'll be sure to try the one by Lee Stafford :)

    oh i forgot the mention the packaging, it's really cool isn't it, it's so eye catching!


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  4. where can i buy this product in the usa! i been serchin for it but it seems no one has it here !!



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