Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Yesterday, I managed to finally visit a MAC CCO. If you don't know what that is, its basically a shop that sells MAC makeup, and other brands at a slightly discounted price. The items sold will often be from past collections, discontinued items or they may just be from the permanent line. There is a CCO about 45 minutes away from me, and I've been wanting to pop down and check it out for ages now!

If I'm honest, i wasn't planning on buying much, as I've often heard that there's usually never anything good left, but i actually came back with more than i was expecting too! I felt like a child in a sweety shop!

Anyway, here's what i got...

I'll be posting swatches and prices tomorrow, so watch this space! x


  1. ooo lovely! got to love cco's, sketch e/s is gorgeous xx

  2. Wow! Where in the UK is that CCO? x

  3. oh wow, I wish I could find a CCO near me :( xx

  4. Wow, great CCO bargains!

    When I last went all they had was Hello Kitty stuff, which I already had. So you've done really well there :)

  5. Lovely stuff you've got there!!!Nice haul!!!

  6. Oooh you got some great bits! xx

  7. Oh my goodness..Talk about free reign LOOL
    Please tell me it was really close to London :( x


  8. Oooh nice stuff! I got some mac goodies there yesterday too :)

  9. @lucie.lovely.cupcake - erm i'm not too sure where abouts it is... somewhere called Ellemere port(that's what my tomtom told me ;), but i live in manchester and it's 45 minutes away from me. Its part of quiet a well known 'designer outlet' called cheshire oaks... and the actual shop is called the cosmetic company outlet. there are a couple more dotted arounded the country i think. hope that helps :) x

  10. quick question: does anyone know if there is one closer to central manchester? x

  11. As far as I know there are only a few:
    Bicester Village, Oxon
    Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth Harbour
    Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port
    Designer Outlet, Swindon
    Designer Outlet, York

    I live nearest the Ellesmere Port one too. It's close to Chester if that helps anyone.

  12. I love Earth To Earth blush! :-)



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