Sunday, 22 August 2010

Barry M Nail Paints and my second Sleek Palette!

My Barry M nail paint's collection is growing fast!  Since I blogged about the shade 'Mushroom' a couple of weeks ago, I've got my hands on two more shades. Superdrug had a 2 for £5.00 offer, what was I supposed to do?!
The two shades I picked up were 'Racing Green', a colour that I've had my eye on for ages, and 'Vivid Purple'

I'll post pictures once I've had a chance to wear them :)

Whilst sorting out my makeup storage, which is still a mess by the way, I can across my Sleek Storm Palette. I had really forgotten how much I loved that palette. The shadows are so soft and pigmented, I'm definitely going to start using it more often. Anyway, so whilst in Superdrug I decided to pick up the original palette, It was between that and the sunset palette, but the original had a greater variety of colours. I'm sure I'll end up picking them all up soon enough!

i decided not to do swatches, only because they can be found on many blogs already. But if you do want to see swatches, just let me know.
I'm really excited to use the greens. I think they will look really lovely when creating a green smokey eye.

I wish sleek would bring back some of their limited edition palettes such as safari and jewel, I 'd love to get my hands on them!

Whats your favourite eyeshadow palette by Sleek? and what else do you recommend by them? I'm really interested to try some other makeup items by the brand.


  1. I've not got the original palette yet but i will pick it up. my favourites have to be the sunset palette or storm. I love the two barry m polishes you got. Have you tried navy? It's GORGEOUS <3

  2. @Linda Phuong Tran - No I havent tried Navy, but I want to! i really want to get my hands on the sunset palette too, it looks really pretty x



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