Saturday, 28 August 2010

Models Own Nail Polishes

As many of you will already know, Models Own recently had a 50% off sale on their website to celebrate reaching 10,000 likes on facebook. Having read alot of reviews on their nail polish, I was eager to try them out for myself and get my hands on some lovely and unique colours! 
I decided to pick up five nail polishes...
From left to right:

They arrived yesterday, so I've had a bit of time to play around with them.  I did initially find the application a little difficult. I found that the handle to which the bristles are attached to seemed to pick up too much polish. So whilst I was painting my nails, it would slowly run down and land on my nail, resulting in a bit of a mess. Once I realised that was the constant problem, it was no bother to wipe the handle aswell as the bristles on the bottle before I started painting.
This problems only occurs with two out of the five polishes, the others were great, and all five of them left a lovely finish with no streaking.

  On a slightly more positive note,I'm really happy with all the colours I picked and I know I will definitely be picking some more up in the near future :)

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a drugstore brand (Models Own nail polishes and cosmetics are sold in Boots) that have a large range of unique and interesting colours. I've been looking for a deep, dark, glossy navy shade with a creme finish for ages and I think I've finally found it in the shade 'In the Navy'

I would absolutely love Models Own to come out with a dark forest green shade. Something Similar to ORLY'S 'Enchanted Forest' or American Apparel's 'Hunter'

Having said that, for now I have a long list of existing colours I want to get my hands on!

What is your favourite nail polish by Models Own?


  1. I've just ordered some last night and can't wait to get them. I've been thinking of getting in the navy so I'd love to see a NOTD :) xxx

  2. @Katy - i'll paint my nails with it tonight :) x

  3. i never tried models own nail polishes, i love their lip products though.
    i had really low expectations for the brand for some reason, and ended up loving it!

    i definitely should give their nail polishes a try!

  4. btw, i tagged you on my blog!

  5. you picked up some gorgeous shades, i'm with you on a deep green colour. I'm a new follower, would love it if you came and said hi xx



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