Saturday, 7 August 2010

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners

I recently purchased two Creaseless Cream shadow liners by Benefit and thought I'd do a little review on them. The two shades I got were Stiletto, a cool maroon/burgundy shade and Pre-nup, a shimmery, corally pink shade.


I've used both as a wash of colour on the eyelid by themselves, but also underneath eyeshadow to help intensify the colour and make my eye makeup last all day. The texture of these cream eyeshadows is so lovely. Both are buttery smooth and glide onto the skin. Once applied, they dry very quickly, leaving a satiny finish and a great base for eye shadows to grab onto.

I like the versatility of the product. Even though I havent tried it yet, I'm sure Stiletto would look lovely when used as an eyeliner! *makes a note to try that soon!*


The first time I wore Stiletto, I was really pleased with how it made my eye makeup last. It stayed intense and didn't crease all day! However on other occasion's when I've used pre-nup, which is a more wearable, everyday colour, I have noticed creasing after about 2 hours. 

I then realised that these have to be applied in a specific way if you want them to be used as an eyeshadow base. It's best to apply a fine layer of product onto the eyelid, rather than loading on the cream shadow. I found that using a brush rather than my fingers helped to distribute the products finely and evenly over my eyelid and helped my eye makeup last alot longer.

The down side about this product is the price. They retail for £14.00 per pot. For me thats definitely a little on the pricey side, especially considering that a paint pot by MAC is cheaper than that. Having said that, I haven't ever tried a paint pot by MAC, so these may well be better quality.

I also think that the colour range of the creasless cream shadows is quiet limited. There are a couple of standout shades such as stiletto, but the majority seem to be similar neutrals.
I would love to try more creaseless cream shadows by Benefit, but as I said, if one thing puts me of it's the price. 

I think I might just try a paint pot by MAC next and see how that compares.

Have you tried the creaseless cream shadow/liners by Benefit? What do you think?


  1. those are suuuch beautiful colors.<3

  2. LOVE Benefit :)

    I have Pre-Nup, it's gorge and so easy to wear x



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