Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Obsession Continues...OPI

I recently went ahead and ordered some more OPI nail polishes.
I'm obsessed!
I want to own every single bottle! Too bad the retail price in the UK is so high (£9.95 per bottle), I'll just have to settle for purchasing a couple of bottles now and again! Just so you know... I didn't pay retail price for these, I ordered them for a slightly cheaper price online. I don't think I can quiet justify 10 pounds on a nail polish yet!

Anyway back to the point... my recent purchase consists of:
1.Here Today, Argon Tomorrow...SUEDE (new shade for fall/winter)
2.Catch Me In Your Net (Summer Flutters Collection 2010)
3.My Private Jet (Night Brights 2007)
4.Holiday Glow (Holiday Collection 2009)

1. The finish on this one is sooo cool! Seriously. Google it! I'll definitely blog about it when I have it on again, it's just not that summery. I'll be getting more use out of this in winter. I'm really interested in trying a couple of the other shades in the suede finish... I like!

2.This is amazing! you can't help but stare at your hands when this is on your nails. I'll have to show you to explain it properly, but it has tiny glass flecks that reflect the light in an array of colours....like blue, green and yellow. It reminds me of a mermaid :)

3.The famous My Private Jet...There are supposedly 4 different versions of this. The original being the best and very hard to find. The original is described as a charcoal grey with a holo finish. The other 3 lack the holo finish, and instead have one colour shot through it. Mine has a bronze shade shot through it. It would be nice to get the original, but I love this one too.

4. I was really excited to get my hands on this one because it's really hard to find as it was limited edition a while back. It's a really pretty brown/dark burgundy shade with tiny particle of gold and red glitter.

Just in case your interested, Here's a recent NOTD using an OPI polish. I first painted my nails with 2 coats of 'mushroom' by BarryM and then i added a coat of 'Wing It' by OPI which is also from the new Summer Flutters 2010 Collection.
See what I mean about the little glass fleck particles? Very cool!
What is your favourite OPI polish?


  1. Omg they're all so prettyyy! I want them!

  2. i obsessed w/ opi nail polishes too! i love the colours you chose!
    if u dont mind, where do u order them online?.

    Cotton xx

  3. @cotton - I got them from the website www.chemistdirect.co.uk

  4. pretty! love the blues and greens but just glitter in general is great, come follow xxo



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