Tuesday, 27 July 2010

JAZZED vs. NYX Pumpkin Pie

I know everyone has been talking about Jazzed from the recent 'In the Groove Collection' by MAC, but I haven't had my say on it yet! Basically, I love it! :) I didn't initially pick it up when I went to my local MAC counter to have a look at the collection. Then I only came away with Stereo Rose (I think I've mentioned stereo rose in almost every post I've done since I got it! What can I say! I like it!). However, I was lucky enough to get my hands on Jazzed before I went on holiday at duty free.

Believe it or not, this is my first MAC lipstick. I've never really been big on lipstick and therefore have never had the desire to spend £12-13 on one. Let me tell you, that has now changed! After loving the finish, texture, scent, quality etc. of Jazzed, I've now got a list as long as my arm of MAC lipsticks I want to try!
So we've cleared up that I'm a fan of Jazzed, but like I mentioned, a MAC lipstick is somewhere between £12-13. That's certainly not cheap, so I thought I'd compare it to a couple of other lipsticks I already have in my collection.
Let me start of by saying that pumpkin pie is definitely not a dupe, however I do think it's a good, cheaper alternative if that's what your looking for. The finish is more matte and it has a browner undertone than jazzed, but on the lips I find that it gives a somewhat similar appearance.

As you can see from the pictures the smashbox lipstick is in the same family, but it's alot more intense. This was my 'go to' colour on holiday.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? I might just added it to my ever growing list! 



  1. Hey my love, just replying to a comment you left about the mink muffs polish, it is similar to the OPI but the OPI is slightly darker! Thanks for reading & commenting (i thought you'd get it directly this way rather than you checking for a reply on my blog!) x

  2. @Nicola - thank you! i'm undecided between the two! I might go for the OPI x

  3. oh Pumpkin Pie looks so pretty!!!



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