Saturday, 3 July 2010

STEREO ROSE - MAC In The Groove Collection

I'm sure you've all heard by now that the famous Stereo Rose mineralized skin finish by MAC, has been re-released in their new collection called In The Groove. Having originally been released in 2005, I'm sure it's been on many wishlists for quiet some time now.

 I don't own alot of MAC products, but when I saw swatches of this particular MSF, it did indeed get me a little excited. I was debating whether to get stereo rose, petticoat or by candlelight, all very popular MSF's that have been released previously.

So I made my way to my local MAC counter yesterday, still undecided on which MSF would be coming home with me, but as soon as I swatched Stereo Rose, I new it was the one I was going to get! It's so pretty!

It's a lovely coral with a slight pink/rose undertone, shot through with shimmery gold and bronze tones.They help leave gorgeous sheen on the face, not glitter or chunky shimmer, but just a nice glow. It's prefect for achieving that glowy/dewy/ healthy look, and it's perfect for the summer.

Here's some swatches... there's quiet a few because I wanted to try and show the true colour. Before this was released, I found that alot of online swatches didn't represent the true colour, so I've tried to take pictures that give a true representation of the product.

I LOVE it and I cant wait to wear it!

I think the MAC In The Groove collection is very impressive, with quiet a few standout products.  I've still got a mini list of items that I want to go back and pick up. they include:
'Jazzed' lipstick (this looks amazing!)
'On the Scene' Cremesheen lipglass
'Fashion Whim'  Cremesheen lipglass
'By Candlelight' MSF
'Petticoat' MSF

Did you pick anything up from this collection?
If I was to get another MSF, which one would you recommend, 'petticoat' or 'by candlelight'?


  1. As soon as this collection came out I went online and ordered stereo rose msf, I knew it would be a summer staple and after looking at everyone's blogpost Im glad I did, its also now sold out online! I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can try it :)
    Jazzed lipstick looks nice as well! I may pop in store and have a look also :)
    If I had to get another msf it would be by candlelight, I've seen so many gorgeous FOTD with by candlelight as the highlight so I would recommend that one :)

  2. @Danielle - i was leaning more towards 'by candlelight' too... it's really finely milled and has the same texture and finish as stereo rose.
    i'm glad you managed to get your hands on stereo rose, i reckon its going to be hard to find in a couple of days! x

  3. I picked stereo rose up today and I love it! I wanted jazzed lipstick too but it was sold out :( x

  4. @DaisyBee - oh no! I really want it too! I hope it's avaliable at duty free... now that would be a bonus! x



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