Monday, 26 July 2010

Temporary Make up Storage

I've never had a nice, organised way to store my makeup, but as my collection has steadily grown over the year, I've wanted to find a way to get it all organised, making it easier to find products etc.

I picked up three of the little white drawers pictured above for £1.99 each. Even though I'm okay with the way it looks for now, I know I'm going to have to change my set up very soon.
One because all the drawers are full and I still have a bunch of stuff I need to store away! 
and two because I don't like them very much! I picked them up without thinking about it much... big mistake.

So, I guess this is my new 'temporary' make up storage. I have to say...It's much better than having everything just piled into a shoe box!
That was a nightmare!
On top of the mini drawers, I keep products that I use alot but can't fit in the drawers on the left. My brushes are in the middle, and all my nails inc. nail polishes on the right.

The first drawer on the left contains mainly face/base products. The first section has all my bare minerals products, the middle sections has bronzers, concealers and a tinted moisturiser, and the last section has cheek products in it.

The middle drawer contains eye products. the first and middle section house my eye shadows, eye bases, eye pencils, eye liners and pigments. The last section contains mascaras.

The last draw on the right contains mainly lip products. The first section consists on lipsticks, the middle sections consists on lipglosses and the last section contains palettes and random items that couldn't fit any where else!

Like I said, these drawers don't hold all of my makeup, so I've just stored items that I use.
I would really like it if you could link me to your make up storage posts if you've done any, so I can get ideas on how to next store my makeup  :)

Rosa x


  1. Hi Rosa,
    You read my mind! I will do a storage post this week. I just took the photos but don't have enough time for the writing right now. I will also do a make up storage give away as I bought an incredibly beautiful drawer set that I actually don't need and I'm desperate for more space in my room.
    Your set up looks really organised and compact which is always good. I'm loving your most of it at one sitting during a weekend :-)

  2. I used to store mine like that - practical but not the prettiest! I outgrew them pretty quickly lol. I adore that little mannequin you have your jewellery on - where did you get it? I have a big mannequin and I think it needs a little sister mannequin :) xx

  3. @ Mercedes-Ms Purple Make-up - ooh i'll keep my eyes peeled for your giveaway :)
    and thank you for complimenting my blog :) that's such a sweet comment! it's really made my day! xxx

    @Lollipop - the mannequin was a present for my birthday, so I have no idea where it's from. sorry!... I just know that i'm going to out grow these ugly little drawers, infact i already have! xxx

  4. Your so organised and it looks so cute. I think when stuff is neatly organised it is so much more fun to use :). I keep all my makeup in a tall filing cabnet.



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