Saturday, 22 November 2014

All About Brows

Like many others, eyebrows are a complete stand out feature for me. I notice them straight away and if I like them I'll like the person they belong too (because good eyebrows mean a good person right?!?!) On a serious note,  I think neat eyebrows can really help tie a look together and work wonders in terms of framing a face.

Eyebrow threading has become rather mainstream over the past couple of years, having know about it long before it became popular (mainly due to my roots) I learnt how to thread and maintain my own eyebrows. I don't think I could trust someone else!
Threading can help achieve straight neat lines, something that can be a little more difficult with just tweezing alone,

What Do I Do To Maintain My Eyebrows?
So once a week I use thread to create 'straight lines' on the top and bottom of my brows. Then I go in with tweezers to neaten up and stubborn hairs that refuse to come out with thread. Tweezing is also very good for getting into difficult spaces such as right underneath the arch. I also trim my eyebrows to make them look sharper. I'm keen on the angular look but I think it totally depends on your face shape in terms if what shape of eyebrow will look best on you. If in doubt I would always recommend to stick to your natural shape as much as you can.

What Do I Use And How Do I Fill My Eyebrows In?
To fill in my Brows I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in the shade Dark Brow with an angled brush. I started by drawing a straight line at he bottom of my brow and then I concentrate most of the product towards the end and defining my arch. With whatever I have left on my brush I feather it towards the front of my brow using a light hand. You have to work fast with this product as it sets fairly quickly, acting as a eyebrow gel and a eyebrow product it one.

If i'm going for a softer look i'll use a cool brown eye shadow such as Crushed Walnut by Natural Collection. I have black hair naturally so using lighter shades on my brows prevents a very stark harsh look. If you have light eyebrows I would recommend using a brow product with is a couple of shades darker than your natural colour. This will really help add definition.

Continuously brushing out your eyebrows whilst filling them in is something not to miss! I find this to be more important when using powder as it helps distribute the products and avoids brows from looking patchy.


I can go without filling my eyebrows in but I love the look of a defined brow. I'm actually now on the look out for a good brow gel that I can either use alone or on top of powder on days that I'm in a rush. Any recommendations?


  1. I completely agree, eyebrows can completely change your look! I get mine threaded as I'm not skilled enough to do them myself! I always feel so much nicer once they're done x

  2. your eyebrows are literally amazing!

    from helen at

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  3. Your brows just look perfect! I will definitely be picking up that natural Collection eyeshadow now! x



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