Friday, 21 November 2014


The hype around La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo is no secret and I'm sure you've probably heard about about how wonderful it is before! My thoughts on this product are no different.

At the beginning of this week my skin reacted to something I put on it (not sure what!) and as a result I had little red bumps surface over my cheek area. Having sensitive skin, this is unfortunately something I'm used to, but every time it happens I turn to effaclar duo. It really is my skin saviour! Usually after three days of once a day application I can see a noticeable difference in my skin, and this episode was no different.

The product is a gel like cream consistency and a little most certainly goes a long way. An increase in spots may be seen at first but stick with, it just drawing out impurities!

Once my current tube runs out, I'm excited to try the new Effaclar Duo [+](which had now replaced the original) to see how it compares. It's certainly go a lot to live up to in my eyes. The effaclar Duo [+] is marketed as having additional benefits such as scar prevention and reduction.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo[+] can be purchased in Boots in the UK. and it retails for £15.50.

Have you tried the knew version? If so what do think?


  1. Never tried this before but you made it sound really great, will have to keep an eye out for it! Thanks for the review :)

  2. I find this is the only skincare item that works for me, need to try the new + version as well! x

  3. Recently I have started using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and in 3 weeks my skin got so so so much better. I will never stop using these creme.



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