Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Oh Hey!

Well Hello!
So it's been about 4years since my last blog post and here I am again!
It's safe to say that alot has happened in the past 4 years as you can probably imagine! I am no longer a teenager, I finished college ages ago and I look fairly different from my 17/18 year old self.

I've been thinking about starting to blog again for a while now. I used to love the interaction and being able to talk to others who had the same interests as me. Initially I was going to start from scratch and I still might do that, but I stumbled across my old blog (this blog!) yesterday and it bought back so many happy memories so I didn't have the heart to delete it. For now I've decided to just start where I left off really and just see how it goes.

I'm very rusty with the whole blogger thing at the moment and my blog definitely needs a revamp! As you can probably tell its still a reflection of my 17 year old self. So I'll be working on updating it somewhat and hopefully get back into the swing of blogging!

If there is anything you would like to know or if you want me to blog about anything in particular then do not hesitate to ask! I'm still planning on keeping the blog beauty related as my love for that good stuff (by that I mean makeup) never faded!
A selfie... 4 years on! Follow me on IG: __akq__

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